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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition to ACS™ means partnering with our clients to gain understanding of the "big picture". It is then followed by developing strategic plans utilized to find, retain, and develop the right talent to execute the "big picture". A proactive approach -- focusing on long-term human resources planning.


To take a bit of a deeper dive, let's start by looking at the ACS™ view of Talent Acquisition - Recruitment, Planning and strategy, Workforce Segmentation, Employment Branding, Metrics and Analytics:


Workforce segmentation. This requires an understanding of the different workforce segments. Employees may be grouped by any relevant criteria (e.g., value to the company, role or workforce, and age or generation), positions within these segments, and the skills, competencies, and experiences necessary for success.

image Employment branding. This includes activities that help to uncover, articulate, and define a company’s image, organizational culture, key differentiators, reputation, and products and services. Employment branding can help advance the market position of organizations, attract quality candidates, and depict what it is truly like to work for that organization.  


Planning & Strategy. This element ensures business alignment, examines workforce plans, requires an understanding of the labor markets, and looks at global considerations.


Candidate relationship management. This includes building a positive candidate experience, managing candidate communities, and maintaining relationships for those candidates not selected.  

Metrics & analytics. This is the continuous tracking and use of key metrics to drive continuous improvement and to make better recruitment decisions, which will ultimately improve the quality of hire. 

Within each of the core elements of talent acquisition there are many other sub-activities and best practices. Of course, the selection of tools, technology, and outsourcing partners is a key element of a company’s talent acquisition strategy.