Human Resources (HR) and the Strategic Project Management Office (PMO)

What does that mean?

That means the enterprise PMO aligns projects with corporate strategy. Strategy is the organization’s game plan. Strategy reflects an organizations awareness of how, when, and where it should compete; against whom it should compete; and from what purpose it should compete; it is the integrated vision and direction of the organization as well as the manner in which it derives, articulates, communicates, and implements that vision and direction ( Crawford, K. J. pg1 ). The link between strategy and projects is to improve the organizations project management maturity and to link the organizations projects to its strategic plans. However, there must be a career path for project managers and PMO. Currently in many organizations they have a retention / succession plan tool or methodology called Talent Management. Talent Management (TM) identifies employees and places them into cells or a category that support the organization. In addition, TM opens a career path conversation with each manager’s direct reports. If an employee’s cell or category placement, and career path align with PM and corporate strategy the organization places that individual on a fast track program to PM.  Human Resources will ensure the fast track program is complete with competitive salaries and opportunities for professional development and promotion.

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What are The Most Common Adult Learning Issues: In Today’s Workplace?

The last two or three decades have seen an expansion of organizations involvement in the development of the existing workplace through various training interventions. As a result organizations are being pushed to increase their involvement in development of workplace learning. The United States face a dramatic shortage in the number of skilled workers in the workplace. Organizations are spending millions of dollars to secure a competitive advantage through training and development programs. One example of this is companies’ effort to hire and retain skilled technical staff amid an industry-wide shortage of skilled trade’s workers. Some companies opted for an ambitious and novel solution: starting their own internal colleges or training centers from scratch.

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The 21st Century Graduate & Incumbent Worker Challenges

Too many American workers are not equipped for today’s rapid pace of change in which jobs come and go, and skills can rapidly become obsolete. In today’s increasingly global economy, technology and innovation will play an increasingly large role in America’s ability to employ recent college graduates and to maintain its leadership in the world marketplace. Many employers are only now emerging from an environment of survival, with marginal growth and low profit strategies. Unfortunately, there is no magic potion to cure this problem for new graduates. However, three important challenges for a new graduate coming out of college as they look for employment in this global competitive society are:

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